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Chapter 1: Unemployed to Self Employed
In 2015 I was laid off from corporate America...the J.O.B. My husband and I decided to take some of our savings and severance package to invest in a transportation company in.... Panama (that's where he's originally from).  We bought some cars at auction and off of Craigslist and exported them from the United States Baltimore Port and sent them sailing the sea to land in Manzanillo Port of Panama.  This started our journey of Entrepreneurship. 
Chapter 2:  A taste of entreprenuership
Yes, we got into the Taxi Business in Panama City, Panama.  It was my husband's dream that we made come to life.  Truthfully the thought of having strangers driving my car in a foreign country at first was strange, but we found a Taxi manager to help with this process.  Thank goodness that set my mind at ease.  Now we run this full time while in Panama.  Fun & Crazy right?   

I went back into the work force while working with several entrepreneurs helping to build their businesses.  Everything from online subscription boxes to building websites, local gyms, managing memberships, payment processors, freelancing, etc.  I learned a lot these past few years!  I always had a little bit of a business mind from making and selling things at craft fairs, Tupperware parties, scents, lotions, lingerie and more!  So it's time to work on my dreams, and help others in the process!  :o) 
Chapter 3:  Creativity = Coloring Book, Children's Book & Podcast
Any other creatives out there?  I love, love, love to design & make new things - from clothes to pinatas to books to websites.  I'm certainly up for a challenge especially if I don't know how to do it.  I will figure it out  (or at least attempt to)!  After many many hours of studying, drawing out ideas and implementing them, the coloring book "Color More & Stress Less" was born.  This was the first self-published item I've done from start to finish.  It was so exciting to get this in my hand when finished!  If you like coloring or want a way to wind down from the day, please consider checking out "Color More & Stress Less" on Amazon.  If you are looking to create your own coloring book, or self publish your book, let's chat!  

I'm also working on a Children's book "Start Your Morning with Star" that is a fun way to read with your kids about how to prepare for the next day.  With most kids in school right now, morning routines are so important to keep the stress level down for us as parents (and the kids)!  I have found that preparing our clothes the night before and making sure the little ones know how the morning routine will go before going to school really helps with anxiety, stress and frustration.  

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